My photographs are driven by a physical, intellectual and emotional response to the subject, whether architecture, landscape, a portrait or an object found in a museum, employing the role of a casual but incisive observer.
Taking photographs is a constant and rewarding pleasure, the chosen subjects are diverse and varied, often inspired by travel, always looking for a fresh view.
Landscape, in particular, the coastal landscape is a constant source of learning.
Along the way, there are visits to museums, stately homes, cities, towns, and their streets.
The busyness of cities and the tranquility of a remote landscape offer highly contrasting but equally revealing opportunities for image making.
The work of many painters, both old masters through to living contemporary artists are a constant inspiration, combined with a passion for visual arts, design and typography.
There is a quiet stillness in much of my work, a distillation of visual imagery to give a simplified clarity to the work.
The historic and contemporary worlds are equally represented.​​​​​​​
Group Exhibitions
Royal Academy of Arts / Summer Exhibition - London 2021
Silbury Hill : Autumnal Equinox 2020
Royal Academy of Arts / Summer Exhibition - London 2011
Place des Héros I, Arras 2010
Royal Academy of Arts / Summer Exhibition - London 2009
Balcony in Fog, Venice 2007
The Association of Photographers "Open Awards" 2011 - Judges Choice
"Three Cliffs Bay (Fallen Horse), Glamorgan 2008"
The Association of Photographers "Open Awards" 2015
"The Brisons, Full Moon/Sunset"
"Capture". The Association of Photographers, London. Dec 2006 - Jan 200
(Seven photographs)

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