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Guy Sargent's photographs are often driven by a physical, intellectual and emotional response to the subject, whether it's architecture, a portrait or an object found in a museum. Sometimes the approach is confrontational, in particular with architecture, sometimes he employs the role of a casual but incisive observer.
Taking photographs is a constant and rewarding pleasure, the chosen subjects are diverse and varied, often inspired by travel, always looking for a fresh view.
Landscape, in particular, the coastal landscape is a constant source of learning. Along the way, there are visits to museums, stately homes, cities, towns, and their streets. The busyness of cities and the tranquillity of a remote landscape offer highly contrasting but equally revealing opportunities for image making.
There is a quiet stillness in much of his work, a distillation of visual imagery to give a simplified clarity to the photographs. If this is not sufficient, multiple images can be used to convey this.
The historic and contemporary worlds are equally represented.

Group Exhibitions

Royal Academy of Arts, Piccadilly - London 2011
"Place des Héros I, Arras 2010" - Exhibited in the 2011 "Summer Exhibition" 
* * *
Royal academy of Arts, Piccadilly - London 2009
"Balcony in Fog, Venice 2007" - Exhibited in the 2009 "Summer Exhibition" 
* * *
The Association of Photographers "Open Awards" 2011 - Judges Choice

"Three Cliffs Bay (Fallen Horse), Glamorgan 2008"
* * *​​
The Association of Photographers "Open Awards" 2015

"The Brisons, Full Moon/Sunset"
* * *
"Capture". The Association of Photographers, London. Dec 2006 - Jan 2007
(Seven photographs)
* * *

London Independent Photography "Annual Exhibition" 2011

Strand Gallery, London October 2011

"Bedruthan Steps (Dawn I), Cornwall 2011"
"Bedruthan Steps (Dawn II), Cornwall 2011"
* * *
His work has been published in several magazines; Ag photographic, Arquitectura Viva, Rooms magazine, 
Oh-Comely magazine etc. and has also featured on many photography/design online publications - FlakPhoto,
But does it float, The Gorgeous Daily, I Still Shoot Film, With No Roof and others...
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