Photography has played a major part in my life for over forty years now.
As everyone knows, you never really feel as if you have changed that much until you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror. I still, like many other people, feel as I did as a younger person, only a number separates you from the same outlook and feelings.
My desire to make images is stronger now than it ever was. I tried hard to find a particular genre of photography to settle on, but never really found it. This pleases me very much. In recent years, I have realised that a specific genre would never have satisfied my wide-ranging interests in visual media. Instead, I have come to understand that I have to create work that gives me pleasure without too much intellectual application, rather a trust in myself and intuition as my guides.
I am aware now that I am an artist who simply uses a camera to make lens-based imagery. One day I am an architectural photographer, the next a landscape photographer. More recently, I have returned to portraiture and the challenges photographing people brings. To take all your camera skills and knowledge to a sitting and then have to collaborate with another human being presents all sorts of possibilities, good and bad, but the rewards are more than worthwhile…
I know I can never stay in one role forever, so I will very happily embrace every subject that interests me and invest all my energies in that subject to achieve the successes that lie in wait.
Group Exhibitions
Royal Academy of Arts / Summer Exhibition - London 2021
Silbury Hill : Autumnal Equinox 2020
Royal Academy of Arts / Summer Exhibition - London 2011
Place des Héros I, Arras 2010
Royal Academy of Arts / Summer Exhibition - London 2009
Balcony in Fog, Venice 2007
The Association of Photographers "Open Awards" 2011 - Judges Choice
"Three Cliffs Bay (Fallen Horse), Glamorgan 2008"
The Association of Photographers "Open Awards" 2015
"The Brisons, Full Moon/Sunset"
"Capture". The Association of Photographers, London. Dec 2006 - Jan 200
(Seven photographs)

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